Learn how to wear sneakers on any occasion

Learn how to wear sneakers on any occasion

To know how to wear sneakers is also to know how to combine formality with casualness, for that is the main essence of these shoes. Due to its versatility, there are several occasions in which it can be used, not to mention the diversity of models.


Generally, they have straight soles and their uppers are usually made of leather, canvas, or suede, with some more subtle details. In addition, they are available in several colors and match with almost any type of clothing.


So, do you want to know more about how to use these shoes? Follow the post that we show you!

How to use sneakers?

“Relaxed” is the best adjective to describe a men’s tennis shoe. It goes with practically all styles and can be used for casual walks, for evening outings, for spending the day with the family, or even for work – if the dress code of the work environment is not too strict or formal.


One of the ways to enhance the beauty of these shoes is to wear them with socks, in order not to create a very strong contrast, nor to interfere with the model’s aesthetics. In addition, it is not recommended to combine it with social pants, and it should ideally be avoided in very formal occasions, because it is not a suitable shoe for serious environments, such as weddings, graduations, gala etc.


Check out some combinations that you can do with sneakers without fear of making a mistake!


With Bermuda shorts

On hot days, sneakers with bermuda shorts are a great option. Prefer shorts and bermudas in twill or denim fabrics to set up a casual production, leaving the color to the shoes. On the feet, how about a brown sneaker that, in addition to being very beautiful, matches most pieces of the male closet?

With pants

The classic combination of sneakers with pants – especially jeans – is very difficult to miss. Bet on shoes in darker shades and invest in the models of pants that are in fashion and model your body well, such as, for example, skinny pants.

Canvas sneakers

These shoes are most commonly found in brown or darker shades. However, the modernity of sapatenis has fallen into the taste of men’s fashion, and is a great option for casual looks, such as a white T-shirt and black pants, or totally denim productions.

How to choose the ideal sneaker?

One of the first things to think about when buying a shoe is “where will I wear it? If you intend to wear it on several occasions, opt for a more neutral model that matches the other pieces in your closet. But if you want to add a little more style to your look you can choose the more colorful ones, such as red, yellow or caramel.


Also, prioritize the quality of your product. This will make you enjoy it much more in terms of cost-benefit, having the shoes for much longer. Also observe if it doesn’t hurt your foot and if it is comfortable to walk in. For this, it is very important to try it on in the store or to know the brand and model well before buying online.


Now that you know how to wear sneakers, be sure to include them in your list of favorite shoes and adapt them to your style. Also, take good care of your shoes by always storing them in a ventilated and well-lit place to avoid the classic feet odor.


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