Key Factors To Consider When Designing Packaging for Your Coffee Product

Key Factors To Consider When Designing Packaging for Your Coffee Product

You’ve sourced quality beans, roasted them to perfection, ground some and maybe even added a flavor or two. Taste tests are overwhelmingly positive, and you know the public is going to love your coffee product. Before your coffee product is ready to go, however, it needs high-quality and effective packaging. Cans are the classic choice, but they can be heavy and expensive compared to modern recyclable pouch packaging. Whether you’re starting from scratch or your existing coffee packaging needs a revamp, here are factors you need to consider when packaging a coffee product for sale.

How Can You Maintain Freshness?

The first priority of good packaging is to protect the product. Coffee is especially vulnerable to light, air, humidity and changes in temperature. Subtle flavors can disappear with the wrong packaging and a stale and boring aroma can take their place.

Low Permeability

Look for advanced packaging options with low permeability. Barriers such as foil or plastic may appear solid, but on a molecular level, there may be millions of tiny openings that let outside hazards into your coffee product. Scientific testing for permeability in mylar packaging is the only way to ensure a well-protected product.

Consumer-Friendly Packaging

Maintaining freshness comes down to more than the packing material, itself. Don’t leave the freshness of your product up to chance or customer error. Typical roll-down coffee bags can be difficult to secure properly, especially on busy mornings. Opt for packaging that is easy and quick to reseal so that customers fall in love with your product.

How Can You Boost Your Brand?

Protecting the product is the basic purpose of packaging, but it’s not the only purpose. Packaging is your product’s primary marketing tool. Think of designing your packaging as an essential way to boost your overall brand.

Color and Text

Bright colors draw customers’ attention and stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf. Be sure your packaging option supports bold graphics, intense blacks and color. Including a recognizable and large logo is a great way to create brand recognition. Stick to one or two easily legible yet unique fonts on your packaging.

Sizing Options

Including different size options opens your product up to more potential customers. Single-serving packaging is ideal for coffee products because many consumers already have an existing favorite. It’s much easier to convince potential customers to try a single sample than it is to sell them an entire can or large bag of coffee.

You can also charge more for less coffee with the convenience of pre-measured stick packaging. Simply arrange a few dozen stick packages in a “to-go” package to hook new customers and provide a convenience upgrade to existing customers.

QR Code Functionality

QR codes — the black and white square codes on posters, billboards, restaurant menus and more — aren’t only for large businesses. Stand up pouches packaging can support QR code technology. Customers can simply scan your packaging to engage with your brand, find more information, sign up for mailing lists or receive SMS marketing messages.

Flashy packaging can protect your product and build your brand at the same time. Make smart packaging design choices so that more new customers can enjoy your hard work. You can also visit here Now


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