How to design the t-shirt from the scratch

How to design the t-shirt from the scratch

In this trending world, most people like to wear t-shirts rather than other dresses. Few clothing items can compete with the simple t-shirt when it comes to having a broad appeal. It would not be easy to find someone today, young or old, who hasn’t slipped on a tee at some point or another.  

They are a functional, relaxed, and casual wardrobe essential. Therefore, a custom t-shirt is an ideal place to start if you have ever considered making your apparel or branded items. There are countless reasons why you would decide to create your t-shirt. 

It may be to boost morale in your corporate team, sell in your online store, present as a gift, or even to wear for yourself. You can design the tee shirts in many ways with the help of the t-shirt design tool. In this post, you will see about the designing process of the tee shirt from the scratch:   

Define your purpose

It is essential to have a distinct and well-defined objective for your t-shirt because it directs your design process. There are a variety of reasons why you could decide to design a t-shirt, including marketing, spreading awareness of a cause, or commemorating a significant occasion. 

By knowing the process of designing the t-shirt, you can start a t-shirt printing business in which you can earn more money.

Pick a design

It would help if you decided on the t-shirt cut you want to use for the apparel design. Raglan sleeves, crewnecks, and V-necks are a few examples of the tee shirt designs. You can choose a round neck design. Your lifestyle and the preferences of your target audience will play a significant role in how you decide. 

On the other hand, if you are seeking more original design concepts for your t-shirts, you can get several choices by visiting several online markets. For use in creating your t-shirts, they can offer you various t-shirt designs from renowned companies and creators. Many online t-shirt vendors uses t-shirt design tool so that printing work will be easier.


While choosing the font, you need to be very careful. You would undoubtedly want people to be able to read the lettering on your t-shirt. The goal is to make it as simple as possible to avoid blank looks from onlookers as they struggle to understand the words. 

T-shirts provide a more significant opportunity than other graphic design mediums to experiment with wild, exciting display fonts but keep readability in mind. Ensure that the phrases on your shirt are not lost in swirly, grunge, or loopy typography if they are crucial to conveying your message.

Color in t-shirt design

Color is the component of design that instantly attracts everyone. Every shade, hue, and tint inspires a certain feeling, giving you a quick way to get a particular aspect of your business with a glance. 

There are two sets of colors available when designing t-shirt layouts that are fabric and print. Always use the color of your chosen cloth as the backdrop for your design concepts to ensure these two go well together.

Pick your graphics

You can all accept that the human mind processes pictures more quickly and efficiently than text. Additionally, adding graphics to the t-shirt can be the finest method to stand out from the competition. You should therefore create images that are unique and captivating. 

For instance, if you want to make a company t-shirt, you should include your firm’s logo to market your brand appropriately. Additionally, if you want a t-shirt that is more optimistic and enjoyable, consider using some pictures or graphics.

Knowing your printing options

When deciding which t-shirt printing technique is appropriate for you, there are many factors to consider. Everything from price to aesthetics to production time to materials is crucial. The choice of which approach is ideal for you will be easier the more you know each process. 

Various printing options are available such as screen printing, vinyl graphics, and many others. For printing on t-shirts, screen printing is the industry standard. For you to print in large quantities, your printer creates unique screens of your design. 

Vinyl printing is another type of printing which boosts the look of the tee shirt. You can start t-shirt printing business by knowing all the designing process earlier.

Final thoughts

Always try to choose the professionals for designing your t-shirt. In recent days, t-shirt design and printing have become more affordable. While printing your t-shirts, you need to consider the above points to get the exact output.



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