Health Benefits Of A Hot Tub

Health Benefits Of A Hot Tub

Aside from the enjoyment and social elements of hot tub ownership, many of our clients purchase a spa for the physical and mental health advantages it may give. Hot Tubs provide a variety of health advantages, which we will explore in this post.

Whether you are in peak physical condition, have occasional aches and pains, or suffer from a long-term disease, there are several proven ways that a hot tub may be your new best friend.

Here are a few health advantages of having or frequently using a hot tub. Do you have time to read?


  1. Better Sleep

Your sleeping cycle may be disrupted if your body is chilly. While the ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 15 to 22°C, if you are warm and comfortable and your body temperature is perfect, you will usually fall asleep faster and sleep through the night with fewer interruptions.

It is well accepted that having enough REM (rapid eye movement) sleep has several benefits, ranging from brain alertness to general mood and how your body metabolises food!

So, spend some time in your hot tub before bed, and you’ll have a lot greater chance of having a good night’s sleep, as well as it can help you lose weight (in addition to a healthy diet and exercise, of course.)


  1. Stress And Anxiety Management

Aside from making you feel more relaxed, research has shown that the magical combination of hot water, a fantastic hydrotherapy massage from forceful jets, and the weightless experience of floating in water can significantly lower your mental AND physical tension… and lessen anxiety!

The heated water in the hot tub enhances your blood flow and oxygenation, allowing you to breathe more slowly and deeply. These acts alone will lower stress levels in your body and enhance your mood.

Adding music or aromatherapy aromas to your hot tub (special ones for air source heat pump hot tub are available) can assist in creating the atmosphere even further and contribute to stress and anxiety reduction.


  1. Arthritis And Chronic Pains

Those who suffer from disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and various other physical aches and pains can find some welcome respite in the hot tub provided by Lusospas. Thanks to the bubbles produced by a hot tub’s jets, you’ll feel weightless. Your core body temperature rises, blood circulation improves, and your muscles relax, reducing joint inflammation.

Switching between warm and cold treatment for joint discomfort has several documented advantages. Cold treatment is often preferable for sore or inflamed joints. Allow your body time to acclimatise before alternating between hot and cold temperatures.

Your hurting body might benefit from increased flexibility, range of motion, and strength. It’s no surprise that hydrotherapy provides considerable advantages to many people.


  1. Headache Relief

There are few options for treating persistent headaches or migraines. This may be aggravating. However, there is some evidence that regular hot tub dives may help to lessen the frequency of some forms of headaches.

How? Tension, for example, is one of the most typical headache causes. Many migraine sufferers report having tension headaches right before a migraine. Your muscles do not spasm in a hot tub, and your aches and pains go.

Overall, you are more at ease. As a result, your chances of getting a tension-related migraine are reduced!



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