Growing a Beauty Industry Business

Growing a Beauty Industry Business

Over the last few decades the beauty industry has changed immensely and it has grown even more. The beauty standards these days require some intervention by the professionals. In a world where self care reigns supreme many people turn to all kinds of beauty luxuries to fill that need. While there is a high demand for this, there is also a lot of competition. One of the downsides to beauty school is the lack of business preparation they give students. Many beauty professionals end up working independently and running their own business with very little knowledge of how to do that. 

Start With What You Know

When getting rolling with the business side of things it could be a good idea to start with what you are already good at. If you think social media is your strength then use that to your advantage. If you are great at networking and community involvement then start there. There are no rules when you are trying to grow a business. Playing to your strengths is the wise and natural thing to do. You won’t have to spend time learning a new skill and you will feel more confident doing it. 

Find Good Resources

Have you heard of the university of YouTube? You can learn just about anything on the internet these days you just have to be really careful about using reliable resources. There are tons of free resources out there and even more paid resources that can teach you how to run a business and you may even be able to find industry specific information. Hiring certain professionals is sometimes a good idea like an accountant. 

Invest in Trade Shows

There is a trade show for every industry. For beauty in particular there are a ton of options. When it comes to attending a trade show as a vendor you will need your own booth. In general we think that bigger is always better, but that just is not the case; especially when it comes to your trade show booth. While in the design rendering phase of creating your custom trade show display, you will be presented with many different sizing options. Luckily, most beauty products are fairly small. A 10 x 10 trade show booth should suffice. Plus, if you ever decide to upgrade to a 10 x 20 it is really easy to do from the existing design. 

Foster Loyalty With Customers

In the beauty industry, many people rely on customers returning for multiple services, or repurchasing products again and again. Creating an amazing product or service is obviously the most important, but people strongly value a great customer service experience. Think of ways you can positively stand out from the crowd. You could consider giving incentives for repeat customers. Overall, just be personable, know your ideal customer and shape your business to fit their wants and needs. Be confident in your product and or service that you have to offer. You don’t need to appeal to everyone, but rather appeal to a specific group of people that best fit your strengths and vision.


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