Five new machines meet the demands of food packaging

Five new machines meet the demands of food packaging

Food packaging systems engineered for demanding applications are characterized by hygienic designs, robotic automation, and improved inspection.

Among more than 2,000 exhibitors at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 (September 23-25; Las Vegas), here are 5 new food packaging machines attendees can see in person.

High-speed cartoning machine with vision capabilities


A high-speed cartoning system incorporating advanced vision technology is the Peregrine cartoning system. In addition to flexible bags and flow-wrapped packs, JLS’ technology is suitable for packing tri-sealed cartons.

It is designed to reduce changeover time and meet the needs of small batches of production. The product is suitable for a wide range of food applications, including baked goods, snacks, candy, frozen and prepared foods, protein items, and ice cream treats.

In Booth LS-6135, JLS Automation will display the Peregrine at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019.

Rotary pouch unit fills and seals pre-formed bags (see photo at top of page)


Triangle/JDD Rotary Pouch Machines are designed to fill and seal Doyen bags, three-sided seal bags, flat and stand-up pouches, and zippered bags. The system reportedly fills pouches at speeds of up to 50 per minute, according to Triangle Package Machinery.

Food products that can be filled with the rotary pouch filler include granola, snacks, candy, popcorn, dried fruit, nuts, baking mixes, and more. It will automatically stop to fill, reducing waste by not filling unopened bags. Additionally, the no-fill/no-seal feature allows unopened bags to be reused.

There are two models to choose from. Bags up to 4 inches wide and up to 12 inches high can be handled by the JRPM-8812, while pouches up to 6.5 inches wide and 8 inches high can be handled by the JRPM-81215.

Several options can be added to the rotary pouch filler to enhance its performance and functionality. In addition, turnkey integration is available, as well as nitrogen gas flushing, staging gates, statistics backups on flash cards, and statistics backups on Ethernet.

At Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019, Triangle Package Machinery will display the JDD Rotary Pouch Machine at Booth C-2614.


Tray sealer creates hermetic MAP paperboard packaging


On its SKR tray sealing machine, Proseal is demonstrating the production of Halopack trays, which are the first fully hermetic modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP). More than 90% of the board is made from recycled materials, and the trays feature high-barrier properties designed to preserve food quality and extend shelf life.

In a MAP package, Halopack trays deliver appealing product presentation, a high level of environmental performance, reduced food waste, long shelf lives, and ease of recycling. A peelable inner layer can be peeled off the tray after use, allowing it to be recycled.

SKR tray sealer and Halopack tray production will be on display at Proseal’s booth LS-6563 at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019.


Flow wrapper includes hygienic stainless-steel conveyor

A stainless steel infeed conveyor is included with the Revolution flow wrapper. Campbell Wrapper’s new servo-driven, welded conveyor eliminates harborage areas for easy, effective sanitation and allergen cleanup.

A vision-guided robotic pick-and-place system is available on the Hygienic JLS Talon. In addition to picking from a random presentation on a belt, an IP69K stainless-steel Delta robot can load products directly into the infeed. As well as soft cakes, cookies, snack bars, corn dogs, burritos, and breakfast sandwiches, the system can load and overwrap a variety of bakery and frozen food items.

At Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019, Campbell Wrapper will display the Revolution flow wrapper with a JLS Automation robotic loading system.


Flowpack system gently packages heat-sensitive products

In the lightline Flowpacker, a Flowpacker flowpacking unit and Pickerline pick-and-place machine are integrated. Advanced sealing technology is used in Schubert’s system for gently packing heat-sensitive products.


With Pickerline technology, manufacturers can handle standardized packaging tasks efficiently, effectively, and cost-effectively. Users can choose configurations of one to six F4 robots to meet their specific performance needs. Robots pick products from the belt and place them in trays.


Flowpacker can flow wrap different product formats, whether they are flat, laying on their side, stacked, or prepackaged. Robots pick only products with no flaws using integrated 3D image recognition to detect position, location, height, and quality. A variety of sealing systems are available to customers, including an advanced ultrasonic sealing unit.


Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 will feature Schubert’s lightline Flowpacker in Booth US-7649.



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