Essential Tips to Sell Audiobooks on Amazon

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Do you know what is selling like crazy on Amazon now? Yes – you guessed it right – we are talking about audiobooks.

With that said, it is an excellent time to be an author with an audiobook. Depending on your region, your best place to sell audiobooks might be Audible. This is especially true if you are a non-fiction author.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot go wide – but – this aspect certainly implies that if you have an audiobook or are searching about how to make an audiobook, then you should understand how to sell that audiobook on Amazon as well.

With that said, if you are wondering about how to sell audiobooks on Amazon, then you are here at the right place.

Start by Uploading on ACX

Firstly, you will want to know about uploading on ACX by making sure that you meet their criteria. Before you do that, you will want to check with ACX to ensure you can upload. If you are in a country where you aren’t eligible to upload, this is where the Author Republic comes in.

If you already have an Amazon account, you will likely use those credentials on ACX to complete your registration and start your audiobook. If not – you will have to create an account.

At the time of registration and starting an audiobook, you will need to have your banking info and tax numbers ready. Once you are on ACX, you will have to find your book on Amazon and claim it. But – if it is not on Amazon, you will have to make your book available on Amazon first.

At this point, you will have hopefully created your audiobook, and you have the files to upload.

Factors that Will Impact Your Audiobook Sales

There are certain factors that will impact the sales of your audiobook, which we have described below.

Audiobook Description

If you have a digital description written, then you would place it in the audiobook description – but – you can also edit it for audiobook listeners so that the description is specific to listening to the book.

Nonetheless, you have a little more space than the short description on the back of your book. For the description of your audiobook, your maximum character limit is two thousand.

Book Category

Next, you will have to select the category of your audiobook. You will want to do your best while choosing the best categories for your book from the list.

Whether you think your book is a romance or thriller – or might fall into any other genre, you must choose the category for your book because this information will determine where your book will be listed on the Audible website.

The information that you add here will flow directly to your detail page when the audiobook is complete and available for sale.

It is important to mention here that you will want to take the time to get the book category right because this step is absolutely crucial for making more sales on your audiobook.

Provide Audiobook Details

You will also be asked to provide audiobook details, which is where you put your narrator’s name. You will want to put your name if you have narrated the book. You will also need to provide the details of your publishing imprint – or – your name as the publisher if you don’t have an imprint.

Then you can add details in the final section to help you sell your audiobook. Suppose you have had a compelling review from any third party or won an award; you will want to use the last section to sell why your audiobook is awesome.

Add Audiobook Cover Art

To sell your audiobook, you will also need audiobook cover art. You can do a completely different design for your audiobook than you have for your print book or eBook. But – professionals usually don’t recommend differing too much from the original book cover.

You will want to hire a professional cover designer and ask them to take the specs from your print book and eBook and do something creative with them because it does have to be a square. But – ultimately, the consistency of the brand is crucial here.

Get a Retail Audio Sample

Another important thing to consider is the need for a retail audio sample.

If you haven’t heard about this before, you will want to know that this is a sample that buyers will click on to listen to decide whether they want to read your book or not.

Now the retail audio sample could potentially be your introduction – if you have done an excellent job of writing a captivating introduction. But – often, audiobooks audio samples are derived from a different section of the book.

If you aren’t sure what part of your book will induce curiosity, you can always ask your audiobook editor where you have really outperformed yourself. Nonetheless, if you don’t have an editor, you can ask someone which part of your book is the best, which could create curiosity.

You will want to choose a section with the potential reader wanting to hear your entire book. Make sure to pre-listen to see whether that section will work in selling your book. Ideally, the retail audio sample should start with a narration.

You will want to avoid the mistake of starting the retail audio sample with opening credits or music. Furthermore, your retail audio sample shouldn’t include explicit material.

Always keep in mind that your potential customers/ readers will use the sample to preview your audiobook, and based on the quality and direction of the sample, they will either buy or reject your audiobook.

Sell Audiobooks with these Tricks

Once you have gotten your audiobook on Audible, you will want to get Audible reviews to help you sell the book. The reviews will help listeners who need the content to get to your book and buy it. Another trick to sell more audiobooks is to run Amazon ads.

Amazon ads can help drive traffic to your book page, which will eventually help you sell more audiobooks if your audiobook is already selling.

Lastly, you will want to let your ideal readers know that your book is available in audiobook format.

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