Entrepreneurs Catering to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Catering to Entrepreneurs

“United we stand, divided we fall.” It is important to understand the strength of being part of a community that shares your vision. The right community can have a major contribution to your success as an individual. Similarly, having the right individuals working together can make a community thrive.

Being an entrepreneur with a finance background, Xerxes Mullan, Founder & Global Advisor of Avestar Capital LLC, understands the importance of growth and maintenance of wealth.  Xerxes Mullan provides financial management advice to entrepreneurs so they can thrive in the business ecosystem. The company & their advisors assist entrepreneurs in every step of their entrepreneurial journey, from start to end, providing them with robust solutions. The goal is to create a pool of ideas that give rise to future-forward businesses that are sustainable and keep with the advancing growth metric. At Avestar Capital LLC, entrepreneurial spirit, potential, opportunities and good business practices are highly encourage.

The idea that only an entrepreneur can understand the trials and tribulations of another entrepreneur gave birth to the process of entrepreneurs catering to entrepreneurs. To quote Shilpa KonduriMullan, President of Avestar Capital LLC, “Only one entrepreneur can comprehend the vision of another, and shoulder one another by means of streamlining processes or enable the project with financial backing.” Avestar Capital LLC, a wealth management advisory firm, caters to high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) across USA & South Asia. The firm serves their clients as an advisor for their wealth management, generating assets, networking, and investment opportunities.

Avestar Capital LLC firmly believes that “Your network is your net worth”, and acts as a platform for all entrepreneurs to interact and network with each other to create new ideas and opportunities. “Networking and integration of products and services that generationally forward give rise to a number of moonshot ideas that are back by the virtues of technology. By this, investors and entrepreneurs are leaping into a progressive phase of enhancing their profitability by making an uptick in the organic outreach,” says ShlipaKonduriMullan, who leads with 18 years of experience in Client Relationships and Client Servicing.

Connecting with a network of like-minded entrepreneurs maximises the potential for growth for each individual that is part of the community. Also, The level of expertise each individual brings to the table at Avestar Capital LLC is what drives the firm to produce exceptional ideas and opportunities. Advisors and clients alike have the same attitude which helps facilitate technology-driven solutions through open communication. Also, Xerxes Mullan, leads the process between networks with his expertise.

Collaborations between entrepreneurs and investors are highly promote by the advisors at Avestar Capital LLC, which boasts a massive portfolio of assets under management (AUM) and a diverse clientele. Xerxes Mullan states “An entrepreneur’s journey is riddled with challenges. Very often the entrepreneur is caught wearing several hats. Since the journey involves a lot of learning, it could limit the potential of the outcome. Reaching out to other entrepreneurs can make businesses more process driven and compliant for a better outcome.”


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