Client Delight is the NEW SALES

Client Delight is the NEW SALES

Customer Satisfaction and Client Delight are new-age branding terminologies that have emerged as contemporary and accepted terminology in the #newnormal. Customer Satisfaction is about achieving set targets and making deliverables promised in a time frame pledged by the organization.


Client Delight is about exceeding promised deliverables to retain the client and reinforce the organizational customer base by making existing clients brand ambassadors. Client Delight is a long-standing suggested approach to step-up organic outreach and enhances profitability.

In the recent past, Shilpa Kounduri Mullan has had the experience of efficaciously managing and advising the client front by getting involved in People’s relations. As she takes over as President of Avestar Capital LLC, it is in her and her client’s best interest for front-line members to encourage client delight.

Encouraging Client Delight will help her understand ways of enhancing the customers experience with a wealth manager and forge sustainable relationships with the client. Indulging in Client Delight gives Avestar Capital LLC the required edge and the impetus to go that extra mile building upon a reputation and goodwill for financial planning.

Let us delve into understanding the nuances of Client Delight the Avestar LLC way. Avestar Capital LLC is a customer-focused wealth management advisory firmthat caters to the growing High Net-worth Individuals (HNWI) residing in the United States and South Asian diaspora with cross-border clients.

We have a team of experts and a highly skilled customer service team who use their years of experience, high technology smart financial solutions, and execution skills with utmost efficiency to help our clients manage their money in a well-planned way to help them arrive at a profitable portfolio. It lies in our best interest to deliver more than expected to retain our customers and forge the bonds of trust and loyalty.

With the uncertainty of the unlock phase is still looming over businesses owing to the threat received from the emergent variants of Corona Virus it becomes even more crucial for us to retain our clients. The current ongoings have restricted organizations from pursuing uninterrupted market advantage and limited their spending to pursue organic and sustainable growth tactics, cut costs, and root upward in a competitive environment.

Even though Client Delight is a traditional marketing method, it has far-reaching effects on end-users, positively impacting organizational advantage. It is a tool that encourages teams to network with the client and get a better understanding of real-life market dynamics.


Client Delight can also be used as an enabler to help better the customer experience and explore untapped markets, which can help revitalize the market position of most firms. In a nutshell, Client Delight empowers organizational growth enabling it to prosper from strength to strength.

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