Choosing The Right Kind Of Backsplash Tiles For Your Kitchen

Choosing The Right Kind Of Backsplash Tiles For Your Kitchen

If you are looking for modern kitchen design or renovation ideas, the backsplash is often overlooked. As a homeowner, you probably take months to design your countertops, appliances, and kitchen cabinets, but might forget about the backsplash. A kitchen backsplash is mainly used from preventing your walls to become dirty. However, it can also serve as a decorative backdrop and a focal point in your kitchen depending on the design you choose.

While looking for some unique designs of backsplash tiles for your kitchen, Belk Tile offers the most updated varieties of designs for their customers to be spoiled with choices.

They offer perfection in product quality, pricing, and availability with numerous design and pattern options of backsplash ceramic tiles, glass tiles, stone tiles, and metal tiles. Visit their website to get a huge range of BELK Tile kitchen backsplash tiles in various designs, colors, and patterns to select the best one for your home needs.

How to choose a kitchen backsplash?

While the sky is the limit for kitchen backsplash material, pattern, colors, and choices, there are a few tips that can make it easy to choose your masterpiece tile.

Pick a focal point

Create a focal point over the sink or near your cooking area and stove to draw the viewer’s attention. Select an expensive, interesting tile to serve as your focal point. Balance the remaining wall using an inexpensive accent tile in a monochromatic or neutral color scheme.

Solids with patterns

Solid countertops look best with intricate or colorful tile arrangements and vice versa. Therefore, if you want a tile backsplash that should stand out, ensure your countertops have a more subtle design.

Rearranging the conventional tiles

Changing and re-arranging the conventional tiles, like putting subway tiles at an angle is an excellent way to achieve a distinctive, high-end aesthetic on an affordable budget.

Experiment with patterns]

Usually, solid tiles are calm and secure but it is also a fantastic location to add some sparkle to your kitchen. You can add a solid white backsplash with some shine, a black and white combination pattern, or that tile you love inspired by Italian art.

Try and then buy

Bring one or two tiles from collections you are considering for your home and tape them on your wall. Live with them for some time for a better understanding of your long-term feelings.

Different types of kitchen backsplash

There are various types of backsplash tiles available, both classic and modern styles. Some of them are:

  • Subway tiles: simple backsplash tiles laid in a brick-like fashion.
  • Stone slab: matches your countertop creating a dramatic look.
  • Mosaic tiles: these are small tiles, similar to field tiles, and can be used for various creative types.
  • Glass tiles: an excellent option for the kitchen with a dazzling effect.
  • Stainless steel: mostly used in restaurant kitchen, but are durable and easy to clean.

The kitchen backsplash you choose speaks about your style whether it is refined, funky, neutral, or loud. The tiles you choose to decorate the wall space between the cabinets and countertops should accentuate your kitchen’s color and theme. Therefore, whether it is traditional or contemporary, the backsplash ultimately offers an opportunity to be creative.


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