Boosting Operational Productivity of the Manufacturing Sector with Uninterrupted Power Supply

The manufacturing sector is one of the crucial industries in a country’s economy. It provides the largest employment opportunities and contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. When it comes to the Indian economy, the manufacturing sector contributes 17% of the country’s GDP.  Several industry verticals are considered in the manufacturing Power Supply sector, like automobiles, heavy machinery, electrical devices, kitchenware, consumer electronics, ships, steel, petroleum products, etc. 

Regardless of its importance in the country’s economic growth, the manufacturing sector faces several challenges. With Industry 4.0 picking up, a continuous electricity supply has become a prerequisite. Countless processes require uninterrupted electricity supply from creation and design to product, inventory, packaging and assembling. Even a brief power outage means companies lose productivity, revenue, and operational efficiency. 

Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Sector Due to Power Outage

The manufacturing sector requires a dedicated power supply without any interruption. However, if companies do not have emergency backup power, many activities and operations are likely to go haywire. Here are some key challenges companies operating in the manufacturing sector face

  • Interruption in assembly operations
  • In the batch production processes, the entire batch quality may get affected
  • Difficulty in maintaining inventory
  • Flawed order and data management

Need for Uninterrupted Power Supply

An uninterrupted power supply supports critical loads and prevents spikes, brownouts, and fluctuations. While such large companies cannot use small-scale UPS to meet their power demands, a dedicated emergency power supply is necessary. This is where diesel generators come into the picture. As such, companies have started using Gensets to mitigate the issue of power outages. 

Impact of Diesel Generators

  1. Uninterrupted Connection

As we discussed earlier, Industry 4.0 has changed dynamics in the manufacturing sector. This is a digital age where connectivity is everything. Countless devices like card machines, computers, WiFi routers, and network switches need electricity. And diesel generators ensure these devices continue to function without any hassle. 

  1. Fuel-efficiency

Diesel usually is cheaper than petrol, and when it comes to cost-efficiency for businesses, diesel generators come across as a blessing. Running a diesel generator is a cheaper alternative to petrol-powered backup generators. 

  1. Zero Inconvenience 

The dg Engines, most importantly, provide peace of mind to business owners. Apart from business efficiency and operations, companies no longer have to rely on the regular power supply to keep the machines running.

While the importance of diesel generators is undeniable, purchasing them from a reputed Genset manufacturer in India is equally essential. Since it is an expensive buy, you need a reliable emergency power supply to ensure your routine operations are not hampered. 

To conclude:

Baudouin India is a leading diesel generator manufacturer in the country. The company is known for its high-quality diesel engines and generators. Baudouin provides a wide range of dg engines that can be installed and used for various industry verticals. These power generators are designed and built with perfection and backed by HPCRS (High-pressure common rail system) technology, so they can sustain heavy workloads and deliver an uninterrupted power supply for your operations.

Baudouin India’s diesel generators are built to last. They are durable and robust to ensure your manufacturing operations are never hampered due to power outages. If you are considering purchasing a diesel generator, Baudouin India is the way to go.

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