Best Tips For Tourists Coming To European Countries

Best Tips For Tourists Coming To European Countries

A trip to Europe for the summer is every travel enthusiast’s dream. However, anyone who has done the slightest research about Europe trip costs will know that it is a very expensive trip to dream about. Everything is more expensive in Europe in comparison to Asian or American countries. But since every problem has a loophole that only the smartest people can figure out, so does this problem. A trip to Europe can be expensive but the tips that we bring you will lower your expenses significantly.


Prebook Your Transport.

Your transport expenses do not just mean your airline tickets. First things first, your first heavy expenditure would be the air ticket you will have to buy. However, the list only begins here. You will be touring the whole continent or some parts of the continent. In Europe, public transport is much more expensive than the rest of the world.

However, you can save a great amount just by booking early. You can even get tickets at half price if you book the tickets online 12 weeks prior. Check out Rail Online to find out how to buy cheap European rail tickets.


Prebook Your Accommodation.

Next, you need to book your hotels or rooms before you even board the aeroplane. Most people prefer Air BnB or other apps that provide accommodation options while others choose to enjoy the luxury of hotel rooms. Nevertheless, you should pre-book your accommodation to get the best rooms at the best prices.


Tour Historical Monuments For Free.

If you travel at the right time, you will be able to experience a tour of the historical monuments for free that are closed to the public for the whole year. Some examples that you might want to look into are European Heritage Open Days, Heritage Open Days, Doors Open Days,  and Open House London.


Use Online Discount Apps and Websites.

There are many websites that offer amazing discounts for tourists such as Open Table and These websites give you even half-price eatery chances. These websites give you many discount vouchers that you can claim across Europe. Moreover, several apps that are specifically designed to accommodate and encourage tourists helps them find better travel and eating options.


Be Careful With The Restaurants You Choose To Eat Out At.

One thing we can tell you from experience is to avoid restaurants in touristy areas. As tourist attractions become more famous, more businesses open in the area and these businesses might have much higher price rates than usual. Although unfair, this exploitation is very common. The meal that you pay £10 for in a touristy area can be found in better quality and quantity at a regular restaurant for £4.


Travel During Off Season.

The one thing that will significantly benefit your budget and saving accounts is to travel off-season. Most tourist spaces become crowded and hence more expensive in holiday seasons such as summer or Christmas. From transport to shopping, everything becomes more expensive. However, the hustle and bustle calm down after these busy seasons and prices go down quite a lot in the off-season. This is why off-season travelling is so encouraged by travel experts.


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