Best practices for using a community system

Best practices for using a community system

Having a community system in place is a great way to build relationships with customers and create an engaged user base. Whether it’s a forum, support desk, or social media platform, using a community system can help your business grow. 

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However, there are certain best practices that should be followed in order to get the most out of your community system.

1. Set Clear Expectations: 

It is important to set clear expectations for how you want your community system to be used. Outline what type of content and conversations are appropriate, as well as how people should interact with each other in the community. 

2. Monitor Content: 

The content in your community system should be monitored regularly for any inappropriate or offensive material that goes against the guidelines you have set. By doing this, you can ensure that members feel safe and comfortable participating in the community. 

3. Engage With Users: 

Make sure to engage with users in your community system on a regular basis. This encourages participation and shows users that their contributions are valued and appreciated. Try to respond to all questions promptly and provide helpful advice when needed.

4. Encourage Positive Behaviour: 

Your community system should be a place that encourages positive behaviour. Discourage any negativity, insults or trolling and make sure to reward users who are respectful, polite and helpful. This will help create a safe space for members to have meaningful conversations. 

5. Utilize Moderators: 

Having moderators in your community system can be invaluable for maintaining order and enforcing guidelines. Moderators can also take care of issues such as responding to inappropriate content or managing disputes between members. 

6. Provide Incentives: 

Providing incentives to users can be a great way to encourage engagement and participation. This could include anything from offering discounts or giving out special rewards for contributing members. 

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7. Keep It Fresh: 

It is important to keep your community system fresh and up-to-date with relevant content. Providing new topics, activities, competitions and events can help entice members to stay engaged in the community system. 

8. Gather Feedback: 

Gathering feedback from members of your community system is key to understanding how people are engaging with it and what areas need improvement. Utilize surveys, polls and other tools to get input from users on how you can make their experience better. 

9. Analyze Performance: 

Analyzing the performance of your community system is essential for understanding how well it is doing and what areas need improvement. This can help you to identify any issues before they become serious problems and make changes accordingly. 

10. Measure Success: 

It is important to measure the success of your community system in order to understand how effective it is at achieving its goals. Analyze data such as user engagement, traffic and conversion rates to determine if your community system is successful or not. 

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your community system will be a valuable asset for both your customers and your business. With a well-functioning and engaging platform in place, you can build strong relationships with your users, foster meaningful conversations and increase loyalty. 

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your community system is an effective tool for engaging with customers and building relationships with them over time. With the right approach, your system will be an invaluable asset in your customer engagement strategy. 


Q: What content should I include in my community system? 

A: The type of content and conversations you should allow in your system depends on the goals you have for it. Generally, it is best to keep things positive and encouraging, while also allowing for meaningful discussions about relevant topics. You may also want to consider including activities or competitions as incentives for members. 


Creating an engaging and successful community system is essential for any business looking to build relationships with its customers. By following best practices, such as providing incentives, encouraging positive behaviour and engaging with users regularly, you can ensure that your system will be effective and beneficial. Additionally, it is important to measure success and analyze performance in order to understand how well your system is doing. With the right approach, this system can be a valuable asset for both customers and businesses alike. 

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