7 Trendiest Cakes To Order For Your Best Friend On Their Birthday

7 Trendiest Cakes To Order For Your Best Friend On Their Birthday

Venturing out to find the trendiest cakes out there available in the market? Your friend’s birthday is approaching, and you are looking for online cake delivery. You are confused about which cake to go for, as there are a lot of options to choose from. To gift your loved ones with the trendiest cakes, which have become a vogue now. So, what are you waiting for? Gift your best friend the trendiest cake on their birthday. 

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Most Trending Cakes for Birthday Party

The cake baking we do is one of the most beloved desserts on the planet, which come in all shapes and flavors. Gone are the times when cakes were only vanilla or chocolate flavored. Now, there are a lot of flavors and designs in cakes to select from. We have listed some of the trending cakes that have become almost everyone’s favorite, and you can have cake delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune or any other cities within no time.

1] Rainbow Cakes 

When we hear the word rainbow, automatically, the beauty of 7 colors flashes in front of our eyes. This is what exactly a rainbow cake is. It is a multi-tiered cake with different colors in each layer, and the frosting is white color. The frosting is usually vanilla flavored, and some sprinklers are put on the top to make it appear more appealing. They make for a really surprising birthday cake and will leave an everlasting smile on the receiver’s face. 

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2] Pinata Cakes 

Pinata cakes have emerged from the land of Mexico, where it was used for religious purposes. Later, it started to be used as games for children to play with. An animal-shaped ‘pinata’ was hung on top, which was filled with different toffees and candies and burst open with a stick. 

Pinata cake follows the same method of opening the outer crust of the cake, which is made of hard chocolate. It is cracked open with the help of a hammer-like object. The inside of it is filled with a small cake or chocolates, which is indeed a surprise for the receiver. If you are looking for online cake delivery, then you must order Pinata cakes for your best friend’s birthday. 

3] Ras Malai Cakes 

Who would have thought that our beloved Indian dessert would ever be used in making a cake? Ras malai comes in the list of every Indian’s favorite sweet. It is an excellent treat for a sweet tooth. You can combine other gifts by taking ideas from amazing gift ideas with the Ras Malai cake to make your best friend’s important day more memorable. 

4] Avengers Cake

If your friend is a Marvel fanatic, then what better way to express your love than gifting them an Avenger’s cake on their birthday? These character cakes are available for cake delivery and are trending nowadays. They are not only for kids who idolize superhero characters but also for adults who are buffs for their favorite movie characters. 

You can get it customized from your favorite online bakery and add characters as per your liking. Brighten the spark of your best friend’s birthday by adding this wonderful cake to their special day. 

5] Multi-Tiered Cakes

Multitiered cakes are the best option when you are not sure which cake to for. They look fancy and royal at the same time. You can get online cake delivery for multi-tiered ones with different flavors. Whether be it a birthday, anniversary, or marriage function, multi-tiered cakes can breathe life into any occasion. They can vary from 2 layers to 9, depending on the occasion and your budget. They are indeed the ultimate choice for grand birthdays. 

6] Pull Me Up Cake 

If you are a social media user, especially Instagram, you might have seen a lot of videos and reels on Pull Me Up cakes. One can safely say that they are the fanciest cakes in the market now. The cake is covered in a plastic film, which needs to be pulled up for the frosting to fall. 

You can gift a Princess Pull Me Up cake, a Superhero Pull Me Up Cake, etc., for your friend’s birthday. The best thing is that they are available online cake delivery.

7] Personalized Cakes 

Personalized cake or cupcakes are the best options for a minimalist person. If your friend believes in minimalism, then nothing can be better than gifting them personalized cakes on their birthdays. You can personalize the cakes according to their favorite movies, shows, novels, or anything that they like. 

Suppose they are Harry Potter fans; you can get their cakes customized by adding characters from the novel with their names on them. You can even go for having their photos printed on their cakes. These prints on cakes are made using colorful edible inks. 


It takes days and weeks of planning to make our best friend’s birthday a special one. A cake is one of the most important components of the occasion. It can make or break the vibe of the occasion. Make sure that, among all other arrangements, cakes are not left behind. 

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