5 Reasons You Should Buy A Workplace Experience Software

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Workplace Experience Software

Workplace experience software is quite the buzzword in 2022. According to research by Memoori, the global Workplace Experience Apps market will grow from $406 million in 2020 to $988 million in 2025, at a 19% CAGR. But why this sudden growth?Companies, large or small, are focused on redefining workplace strategies to keep up with the new normal. Technology, especially a workplace experience software, plays a key role in this. It helps managers and employees make the most of their time and finish their work efficiently regardless of where they are working from.If you haven’t yet leveraged the benefits of a work experience software in your hybrid workplace, here are five reasons that will change your mind-

  1. Boosts Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional connection of your workforce with the company. It is what genuinely drives growth. By providing the best workplace experience software, you ensure they have all the required tools and resources to put their best foot forward for the company.And when it comes to a hybrid workplace, the primary factor for ensuring effective employee engagement is collaboration. In a hybrid setup, not all employees are available onsite at the same time. Here, a workplace experience softwares comes in handy.Tools like desk booking or room booking systems allow employees to choose where they want to work in the office. Other employees can use it to find available teammates and book a seat nearby for faster collaboration.

  1. Improves Employee Retention

A study by Oracle suggests that 88% of workers feel the meaning of success has changed for them. They now cite work-life balance, mental health, and workplace flexibility as their main priorities. A workplace experience softwares helps companies address these requirements by using IoT and automation.

Some of the tools the software uses are:

  • Employee scheduling system for creating fair and flexible schedules
  • Parking management systems allow employees to book their slots in advance
  • Digital wayfinding for navigational support
  • Room booking systems for team meetings and brainstorming sessions

In addition, the workplace experience software can also aid in checking up on your employees. It can gather data through surveys, polls, and feedback forms to measure employee satisfaction. This way, companies can reduce employee burnout, ultimately reducing their turnover rate.

  1. Optimize Space and Cut Costs

A space management system is an integral part of the workspace experience software. It enables facility managers (FMs) to visualize and optimize hybrid workspaces that accommodate employee requirements.It also lets FMs track and understand the actual usage of their office space. Interactive floor plans and occupancy reports also help make informed decisions for consolidation or expansion.This use of dynamic space planning reduces the wastage of time and resources.The workplace experience software is an all-in-one solution that reduces unnecessary spending on support staff or multiple technical solutions. With this one-time investment, you can manage your workplace experience from anywhere.

  1. Ensures Employee Well-Being

Apart from inducing work-life balance, a workplace experience software also aids in following health and safety protocols. Some of the ways are:

  • Room Sensors: This can help prevent overcrowding by enforcing occupancy levels while booking a room. The sensors can also detect the distance between individuals to maintain social distancing protocols.
  • Automated Sanitation Workflows: Integrating sanitation workflows to desk booking or room booking systems helps FMs track and manage hygiene activities.
  • Touchless Check-Ins: Digital Kiosks or apps enable managers and employees to access various amenities in the workplace without coming in contact with their surroundings.The pandemic has increased the need for exceptional sanitation and hygiene in offices. A workplace experience software helps companies achieve this with its cutting-edge features and easy-to-use interface.
  1. Supports Hybrid Work

Adopting a hybrid workplace while continuing to use spreadsheets for overall management can be a nightmare for all parties involved. Deploying a workplace experience software is more of a necessity rather than a perk. It allows your workplace to be flexible without compromising on productivity.

Some of the tools a hybrid workplace needs are:

  • Hot desking to enable flexible seating for on-site workers
  • Room booking systems integrated with video-calling and messaging apps that notify on-site and remote workers about meetings
  • Employee scheduling systems to eliminate errors like miscommunication, last minute no-shows, etc.
  • Data analysis features to keep track of different process

Surprisingly, a workplace experience software can provide all this and more on a single platform. This makes it an attractive investment and an opportunity to transform your workplace experience.

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Final Thoughts

Technology is at the core of creating a consistent and exceptional experience in the workplace. And a workplace experience software is the solution to all your challenges. WorkInSync workplace and employee experience software is everything you need to improving employee  experience.

So, spring into action and invest in the best workplace experience software for your company’s growth.

WorkInSync workplace experience software provides a bunch of features that ensure positive employee and workplace experience. It is designed to help improve your company culture. To know more about the product, book a demo today.

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