5 Key Importance of 360-degree feedback system

5 Key Importance of 360-degree feedback system

The importance of a reliable feedback system for managing staff cannot be overstated. During quarterly or annual evaluations, managers are expected to provide feedback to their staff. Is this response adequate, though? Employee performance can benefit greatly from input from peers. Colleagues may have a greater grasp on the day-to-day workings than the manager does, making their input just as valuable.


360-degree feedback: what’s it all about?

Managers, coworkers, reports, and even clients, consultants, and suppliers can all provide input in a method known as “360-degree” or “multi-rater” feedback. It offers a comprehensive evaluation of the worker’s contribution to the company.


There are several advantages to using a multi-rater technique rather than the more typical one-to-one feedback, thus many companies are beginning to make the switch. We will go through the advantages of 360-degree feedback and why companies should start using it right away.


Advantages of 360-degree Feedback

A talented, dynamic, engaged, and productive staff may be developed with the support of 360-degree feedback. With so many positive aspects, it’s no wonder that most Fortune 500 companies are implementing it to train their employees. The value of 360-degree feedback to a company is discussed below.



A Wide Variety of Information Loops

An employee’s job, performance styles, and ideas can all benefit from different perspectives provided via 360-degree feedback software. It offers a complete picture of the worker’s demeanour and abilities. It helps workers understand themselves through the eyes of others and closes the gap between their own perceptions of themselves and how others perceive them. This method of providing feedback improves morale and productivity.


Negative Bias Effects

Not only does the management gather ratings, but so do colleagues, direct reports, subordinates, and, in certain cases, consumers. Since the input in a 360-degree evaluation is not dependent on the opinions of just one person, it is fully objective. It’s an improvement over the standard feedback approach in that it helps eliminate biases on the part of managers.


Training and Education for Workers

Every worker would benefit from investing in professional development opportunities in order to advance in their current position. Employee training gaps and growth opportunities may be effectively pinpointed through the 360-degree feedback approach. The personnel are so in tune with themselves that they actively pursue opportunities to improve and expand their skill sets. As a result, both the individual and the company benefit from a rise in engagement and loyalty among workers.


Tests The “How”

The emphasis of a 360 degree feedback software is on process rather than output. The emphasis is on doing the work rather than getting the result. Successful outcomes are more likely when attention is placed on the steps used to achieve those results, rather than on the results themselves.


A manager or team leader’s performance is evaluated not on the basis of the number of goals reached, but on the basis of the means by which those goals were reached. The evaluation considers the worker’s performance as a team member, leader, manager, and overall worker.


Fosters an Inclusive Community

An organization’s culture of transparency may be fostered with the support of multi-rater feedback. Participating in a review by coworkers and superiors gives everyone a sense of inclusion and validation. This is where the feedback process comes in; it provides a safe space for people to voice their ideas without worrying about being silenced.



Do you use or plan to use 360-degree feedback at your company? If not, start using it right now to observe how your company and workplace culture benefit.

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