5 Benefits Of Using Agency To Manage Google Adwords Campaigns

5 Benefits Of Using Agency To Manage Google Adwords Campaigns

It is only sometimes a good idea for clients to conduct paid search campaigns in-house. However, having an agency take control of your AdWords account is a good idea to maximize the results.

Some businesses will do this right from the beginning, while others will continue to manage it until it is impossible.

Both the client and agency must understand the benefits of the agency and make sure they capitalize on them.

Although the agency can’t replace the client’s institutional knowledge, they have the insight that the client doesn’t, making for a harmonious relationship.

These are just a few ways clients can gain an edge when they let an agency run the show.

  1. Adwords Industry Norms & Benchmarks

If the Adwords agency in Sydney has worked in the client’s industry, they will have an insider’s view of the usual practices in that space.

They are familiar with CPC ranges, conversion rates, and the offers that convert. This saves clients time and allows them to test different products instead of doing it all from scratch.

It can alert you if an account’s performance is outside the normal range. It can take lots of trial and error and time to figure it out if you manage it in-house.

  1. Beta Testing Opportunities

Clients are less likely to receive the same benefits if an agency handles their account with a dedicated Google representative.

Google’s ongoing revenue growth potential is a source of increasing revenue through agencies. Reps can send one email to agency contacts about beta testing and receive five accounts.

Clients can test new methods that their competitors may need help accessing and will have a solid grasp of it with solid results when it is released to the public.

  1. Two Heads Are Better Than One

Managing the same account for as long as one person or an internal team can be dangerous, It’s like you’ve been there and done that.

Agencies usually have a team that focuses on your account. This not only gives you a fresh perspective but also allows for new ways of thinking. This can bring life to a dead situation and allow clients to exploit new areas of growth and scale.

  1. Agencies Are Multi-Disciplined

Although there are many reasons an account might fail, the solutions are not something a client can manage internally.

Employers often have someone who can manage keywords and bids well, but a low conversion rate can significantly hinder the results.

The person managing media is usually someone other than the one who can design the landing pages and create a CRO plan. They have to find a vendor. Once they’ve done that, they discover they’re capturing leads, but they need an effective email nurturing plan.

Another vendor is brought in to help. Before you know it, an internal media representative is trying to manage multiple vendors and find a way to improve everything.

This is usually easier for agencies. These agencies may have specific departments that can handle such issues or have relationships with contractors and other agencies that are experts in the area.

  1. Turnover Causes Frozen Place

The results are affected when the work is rolled up by someone in the interim who needs more expertise.

This perspective gives agencies stability, and the cost of hiring and vetting a new manager and results plummeting is a saving.

There is a transition period if a client’s contact at an agency leaves. However, they are immediately provided with someone who can take over and keep everything moving in the right direction.

There is no downtime. If the client contact leaves, the agency can still manage the media until the new contact is hired.


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