4 Ways to Use a Lip Gloss in your Makeup

4 Ways to Use a Lip Gloss in your Makeup

Lip glosses are now standing shoulder to shoulder alongside lipsticks and topping the chart of becoming the favourite product. Why won’t it be, there are several ways it can save your day with just a stroke and amp up the makeup game in a snap. Applying lip gloss is a no-brainer thing but, did you know, there are many other interesting ways to use it? Yes, they don’t only give your lip a shiny finish, with a glossy look becoming a trend, lip glosses are becoming a big-time makeup game changer. We have rounded up 4 amazing ways to use this product. Thank us later! 

Defined Eyebrows 

Bold and sharp eyebrows are in trend. So, unravel the inner makeup artist in you and channelize the talent to sculpt those brows with the help of a lip gloss. Transparent glosses make the brows look in place and give a volumising look. Apply one stroke and blend it well with the help of a brow brush or grooming brow spoolie. Ensure the product has evenly blended all the way from start to tail. You are all set to flaunt those thick, well-defined, and sharp eyebrows.

Glossy Eyelids

Glossy eyelids are the talk of the town. Pick that transparent lip gloss and apply it for a subtle natural look. If you want to add a little glam, use the colored one to double up your makeup. Make your shadow last longer by using the gloss as a primer. It helps in keeping the product intact and smoothens the blending with a sheen finish. Add some gloss on a dense shadow brush and glide it on the eyelids, if you want a dramatic look, swipe it to the lower lash line.  There you are acing the runway trend with just a lip gloss! 

Shiny Blush 

Who doesn’t like creamy shiny blushy cheeks? A pop of color on the cheeks instantly makes them look attractive and complete. With no extra effort, turn up the makeup game by applying 3-4 dots of a subtle color lip gloss on the apple of your cheeks and blend it gently with the help of fingers, blush or a blender. Remember, less is more! A little amount is enough to give you a shiny sheer finish. 

Dewy Highlighter 

Lip gloss that is built with a light shine and a shimmery formula is the best alternative of a highlighter.  Apply a little product on your cheek bones, brow bones and dab them to achieve an instant glowing and shining effect. It adds a radiating shine and gives a glass-like finish to your face that catches the light in a stunning way.Use this versatile, multi-tasking lip gloss in your makeup and achieve a high-shine glow in no time.  Use SERY Butter Shine Lip Gloss for glossy lips and a glassy dewy makeup look. 

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